Emotional Regulation Bundle


Includes: Emotional Regulation Toolbox + Flashcards, Feelings Chart, Origins’ List of Feelings Words, Heart Scale, Origins’ Choice Cards
Our Emotional Regulation Bundle is a collection of resources that can help us in building and strengthening emotional intelligence, interpersonal and cognitive skills. The flashcards and choice cards can be taken with you to help reinforce process or aid in emotional or wellness check-ins. This bundle will aid in discerning, navigating, and honoring our emotions, giving words to our feelings, and help us to make healthy choices in getting our needs met. Using our tools can help us shift our energy to cultivate wellbeing and emotional stability.

Our downloadable posters come in 11×17” and can be requested in 8.5×11” and 24×36”. Contact us after purchase.
We suggest printing at your local Print/Copy facility to save money and together, reduce our carbon footprint!