Plan & Track Bundle


The Plan & Track Bundle will assist with all your planning and tracking needs!

The Daily Planner can help you and your students or child(ren) to stay organized and on track throughout the day! The daily planner is structured with 10 content areas: Opening Circle; Classroom Curriculum; Mindfulness; Food & Nutrition; Outdoor/Large Motor Activities; Music & Movement; Artistic Expression (Art & Drama); Closing Circle and additional notes! You have the choice to print and hand-write in the components and planned activities for the day, or you can fill it out electronically and save paper!

The Weekly Planner can help you to create structure and routine for the week! It’s laid out with 6 content areas: Opening Circle; Music & Movement; Classroom Curriculum; Artistic Expression; Mindfulness; Closing Circle. These planners are already filled out for you when you subscribe to either the Sprout or Bloom Package for our Preschool Curriculum! At Origins we structure our days so that we have 3 main “circles” or gathering times per day (Opening Circle, Classroom Curriculum, and Closing Circle)!

The Monthly Planner is helpful to review your plans for the month at a glance! You can share it with your students, child(ren) or families to give them a heads up, pin it to the bulletin board, and use it to mark special dates, announcements, or any reminders!

The Attendance Tracker is simply used to track days of attendance as needed for families and teachers. It’s always helpful to keep a physical copy for reference, just in case your state asks for record!

The Curriculum Tracker helps us to keep a detailed record of our child(ren) or students’ work and assignments. It helps us to keep track by date, subject, assignment, and duration of work.