The Seasons


This poster provides us with a visual of the four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. The seasons and all of the other posters (see Origins’ Bundle) correspond to our Focal Points and Guiding Questions: Internal (Fall) Who Are We? , External (Winter) Who Lives Here?, Metaphysical (Spring) What’s Happening?, Interconnection (Summer) How Are We Connected? The seasons not only guide us through the year, but they provide us with direction and a starting point with Origins Curriculum. Wherever you are presently at in the year, whichever season, is where you begin with our curriculum; it is cyclical and interconnected. *It’s beneficial to note all locations experience the same winter with snow, etc.

Our downloadable posters come in 11×17” and can be requested in 8.5×11” and 24×36”. Contact us after purchase.
We suggest printing at your local Print/Copy facility to save money and together, reduce our carbon footprint!